1. Each participant must bring the minimum material required to carry out the activity under safe and health conditions.

2. Respect for the environment is an absolute priority, never degrade the environment and respect the standards established by competent agencies or landowners.

3. Travessa de saTramuntana · GR221 strongly recommends booking insurance. Our website provides insurance services, in the reservation section.

4. Be sure to gather detailed information about the route, degree of difficulty, grade, etc., as well as the weather and available hours of daylight before departure. Choose the trail that best adapts to your physical conditions.

5. Wear appropriate clothing for the season. Proper footwear is very important: it must be comfortable and appropriate.

6. Carry a small first aid kit. Protect yourself from the sun with sunscreen, a hat and appropriate clothing.

7. A mobile telephone is very useful, although some mountain areas have no coverage. Carry a light source in case nightfall catches you by surprise.

8. If you walk on paved roads, walk on your left in straight line and wear reflective garments.

9. Take sufficient food and water. Water is essential, especially during the summer. Do not rely on the fountains you may find along the path, as lack of rain in Majorca often causes them to dry up, or they may not contain drinking water.

10. Respect the plants and animals. If you come across closed gates or fences, close them after passing. Do not stray from marked paths or official trails as this causes considerable damage to the plants and landscape.

11. If you come across a flock of sheep or herd of goats, cows, etc., keep a safe distance from the herd, let the animals set the pace and do not startle them.

12. Respect private property and do not enter a property showing a “no trespassing” sign. In some cases, “No entry” signs apply only to vehicles, while the “Vedat privat de caça”, or “Private hunting preserve”, signs do not affect hikers. Most of the routes, including those along public paths, traverse private properties, as long as you stay on the path there is no problem by crossing.

13. Do not shout or make unnecessary noises and do not litter. Nature must be enjoyed with respect for others and for the flora and fauna that lives there.