Sa travessa de sa Tramuntana · GR221 intends to follow the original track of the route GR 221 adapting its course in some sections and can be completed various in stages. It coincides in great part with the Ruta de Pedra en Sec (Dry-Stone Route) created by the Council of Mallorca.

According to the fitness of each participant the number of stages varies. Covering the whole distance in 3 days is physically demanding while the “Slow Walking” (covering the route in 9 days) converts the tour in an intense and unforgettable passing by all the villages of the Serra de Tramuntana.

The itinerary runs by paths and mountain including forest tracks, trails of char burners or smugglers as well as goat-paths.

Typology and signage

Most of the paths in Mallorca are easy to follow and marked with cairns. Some of them are regularly cleaned up, restored and signed with wooden pegs and information boards.

Some trails are marked with the international hiking trails signage (GR, PR o SL), hikers will always find some kind of trail signage or numeration similar to the ones used around the world.

Very common. Cairns (stone heaps) that mark the direction to continue along a trail.2

In certain sections. Wooden pegs indicate the various path options along our hike.2

Less common, but quite well known are the international GR, PR and SL signs that show the correct path.