Serra de Tramuntana

La serra de sa Tramuntana, Mallorca

Being one of the most important Mediterranean touristic destines, the Mallorca Island contains natural areas so attractive and well preserved like the Serra de Tramuntana, recently declared World Heritage, Cultural Landscape by the UNESCO.

Mallorca, and specially the Serra de Tramuntana, include a quite extensive set of paths, some of which come from the Arabic era, others cross the forest and were used by carboners (coal makers) and nevaters (snow workers), while communicating scenic villages. Hiking in Mallorca brings the opportunity of finding extremely amusing places with a vast ancestral heritage that reinforce the Cultural Landscape World Heritage UNESCO recognition.

In a relatively small extension you’ll find mountains rising from the sea up to 1.436m, together with traditional agricultures where hiking becomes a delight. With an extension of 1.000 km2, the Serra de Tramuntana is the most mountainous geographic extension of Mallorca.